Ohh, Thailand.  This was stop two on my first solo trip (the first being Cambodia), so my eyes were still incredibly wide to the newness of exploring foreign countries alone.  That being said, Thailand in itself is an explosion of exotic sights and smells and sounds, not to mention having some of the greatest food you will ever eat.*  Let's just say that this trip will forever be etched into my mind.  These places/experiences top the list: ten day motorcycle ride through the notorious Mae Hong Son Loop, SCUBA and cliff diving in the islands, training in Muay Thai in Bangkok, riding a bull elephant bareback through the jungle, and playing with lots and lots of tigers.  

*After having dozens of Pad Thai dishes across Thailand, I become pretty obsessed with them.  So for those wondering: the best Pad Thai I've had in Houston is at Vieng Thai off Longpoint.  I shouldn't have written these descriptions while hungry, my apologies.