(I'm on the left)

(I'm on the left)

Hello you two! Until I have the privilege of getting to know you, I'll let you cheat a bit and read this blurb about me:

My name is Daniel and I have a slight problem with being energized by too many things: romantic era art, strong coffee, motorcycles, the early 20th century, pretending to go to the gym that I'm definitely still paying for, terrible 80's movies, adventure travel (all 7 continents, over 40 countries and counting), basically any fizzy beverage, primitive camping, foreign fashion magazines, heavy metal, baby animals, carbs.  I know I sound like a crazy person who is overly-hobbied, but I assure you I'm not actually good at any of the above (aside from the carbs) - just a life lover with an addiction to variety.

But above all, I thrive on stories - experiencing them, creating them, discovering them in the little things and sharing them with the world...the kind of stories where you lose yourself in a journey of emotions and memories and don't even realize or mind that hours are passing.   In search of ways to express that, I decided to pick up my first camera over twelve years ago, and it has become a love that I'll never let go.

As I was growing up I realized just how much value photos held in our family, even the silly ones of me running around in nothing but a diaper and a cowboy hat.  We would make a family evening of flipping through old photo albums - pointing out distant relatives, remembering those who'd passed, recalling favorite memories and laughing at our "let's do a silly one!" expressions with siblings.   Looking back it's amazing to see just how meaningful photos have been to me and my family throughout our lives - each and every piece of those ratty albums are cherished.  

Your story deserves to be told with a heartfelt attention to detail - beyond just closeup photos of decor and flattering portraits, but with breathtaking glimpses into memories that would otherwise fade.  My work with couples is built on my love for family and friends, and an understanding that this level of storytelling is something that I would hope for them all to have one day.  

So all that is to say, hello!  I'm Daniel and I would love to tell your story.




While you're here, take some time to browse through my work above under Stories and Gallery.   If you feel a connection to my work and approach, drop me a note on my contact page :)